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Smooth Shiny Skin

Sterile, reabsorb-able injectable dermal bio-revitalisers are used to remodel the skins texture, brighten, tighten, rejuvenate and hydrate.


Once injected into the very upper dermis hyaluronic and amino acids get to work nourishing and feeding the skins fibroblasts, strengthening collagen formation and skin elasticity whilst building dermal density.


The quality of the skin is dramatically improved and is soft and supple to touch, providing you with an instant glow and radiant and smooth-looking complexion.



We use two incredible bio-revitalising products:


JALUPRO - A patented unique, fast-acting rich solution of amino and hyaluronic acids.


TKN HA3- which contains the highest amount of hyaluronic acid available on the market making it one of the most powerful injectable skin revitaliser that money can buy.

Patients who are ideal candidates for Bio-revitalisation include:


  • Those suffering from decreased elasticity of skin

  • Those with dry and dehydrated skin

  • Those with stressed and inadequate nutrition

  • Those with fine lines

  • Those who smoke and have a ‘tired’ appearance to their skin

  • Those who wish to combine treatment with other forms of aesthetic procedures

  • Those who have undertaken aggressive skin procedures such as peels

  • Those who would like prophylaxis of acne scars and stretch marks

  • Those who would like to hydrate and revitalize skin

Botox Injections

Bio-Revitalisation Suitability




JALUTOX is a blend of JALUPRO and TOX (anti-wrinkle “Freeze” injections) these are mixed & injected superficially over the surface of the muscle NOT intramuscular (as such is performed with standard toxins). This is a more natural result compared to anti wrinkle injections as you will still have movement. Mixing these compounds together adds an extra tightening and glowing element to the treatment! Contact us for your consultation.

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