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Hairstroke brows: 

Often referred to as microblading or nanoblading. This style offers the most subtle and hyper realistic results. Brows can be built up to be as sparse or as dense as required with either a fluffy or uniformed and neat finish. This option is the most minimalist and is only suited to those with sebum-free skin. Hoping for a light finish but have oily skin?

No problem, you’ll want the powder brow. 


Powder Brow: 

A soft and pixilated approach that mimics that of a ‘light layer of makeup’ without the harsh brow-pencil outlines. Hoping for some added texture? It’s the combination brow for you.


Combination Brow: 

Have the best of both worlds and combine the above styles to provide you with brows that look like they’ve just been tinted and shaped. Choose to have your finish sleek or feathery.

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